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Hello from the beautiful sunrise side of Michigan! My husband and I are hoping to have a BMW parked in the driveway here shortly. Well, I do - he doesn't know that I'm looking. Smile My incredibly hard-working, self-sacrificing husband has greatly admired BMW motorcycles since long before we met. He put something else aside to buy my VMax for me (which I love!) two years ago. It's time to return the favor. I've looked on and off for a decent used K100 for him, and think that I may have finally found a good candidate in our price range to surprise him with, but know very little about them. From what I've seen they seem to be nearly bombproof and make some really nice cafe builds. Thanks in advance for the help along the way! Hopefully with time we can return the favor.


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Born Again Eccentric

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Great intro - the world needs more people like you!
I hope the plan works out and he enjoys the surprise.

Masses of info and helpful, friendly global banter on this 'ere forum.



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As Paul says, plenty of help and info here. So far as we are concerned, the only dumb questions are the ones you don't ask.

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Welcome, and make sure he joins the forum when he gets the bike. I suspect it is going to be a Father's Day surprise. He is a very, very lucky man!

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