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Life time member
Had an old Ohlins. Came off of a 91 4V RS that I got several years ago. Ran it on my K1100LT until I found a nicer, newer one for that bike. Have no idea when it was last serviced (probably last century) so, based on the recommendation of Larry of who is a pal of mine, I sent it into Ohlins in North Carolina to get it serviced. Figured if anyone would do a good job of it it would be them.

Being the beginning/middle of riding season here, I wasn't sure how long it would take. From the day they received it until they were finished and called me for my credit card took thirteen calendar days, which seems a decent turnaround time to me. They replaced a bunch of seals and O-rings and stuff as well as the internals of one of the reservoirs that was scratched up from high miles and also replaced the bump rubber.

Total cost was about $200 for parts and labor and $35 for return shipping.

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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
That is a good price, and since they're the source, makes it an even better idea.

For local suspension work at that price, don't look past KFG Racing (Kung Fu Grip) in Auburn. I have had them go through three sets of Ohlins over the past five or six years. Top job at fair prices, and I can drop the suspenders off myself.


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