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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
A month and 1/2 ago, I got a terrific deal for a GPS Garmin Zumo 450.
The unit was only (CAD)$150 with shipping and it has a lifetime free upgrade subscription.
The only problem was with the touch screen not responding very well. The first time I used it on the bike, it broke (Maybe too much pressure with my gloves). Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
After a quick search on the Internet, I found that it's the biggest problem with the Zumo line but it was easy to repair.
I order a new touch screen in China and it took almost 45 days to arrive. The unit was very cheap ($7.00).
I received it this morning and installed it and.... Voila! a waterproof Zumo for $150.
The instruction to replace the touch screen can be found Here and it's a very easy repair.
I ordered the touch screen on Ebay Here
As Garmin has 2 different sizes of screen, you will have to open yours to measure it first.

After the fix, I went back online and ordered 2 spare ones. They are really cheap and it's always good to have one on hand considering that this is the weakness of these GPS and overtime they start to be unresponsive.

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Life time member
I have replaced the screens in two Nuvi 40 units(not waterproof like the Zumo). I, too, have a spare screen after waiting 6+ weeks for delivery.

Since losing two displays during trips because of water I have waterproofed them with clear vinyl film I get from the local sign shop. By encapsulating the display in film and sealing the case joint with more film I can now run my $25 pre-owned Nuvi 40's with lifetime US and Canada maps in any weather with impunity.

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