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New member
Mandatory to present myself..
I am a 55 year young man from the middle of Norway and i just bought a K100RS 1986 model. the bike is in good condition, with 165000 km on the meter but there are som issues and i thougt this forum woul be at good help.
I work with my hands and do most of the work on the bikes myself.
Like blues, beer and a good movie when i am not riding.


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RicK G

WelKome from Australia. Ask as many questions as you want and we will answer them all.

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Life time member

At those kms it's still got plenty of life left in it.

You came to the right place to help you maintain it.

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Two Wheels Better

Welcome, k100_norway, to the most gentlemanly K forum on the interwebtrons. Here you'll find all manner of savoury and unsavoury characters, some of whom can offer sound advice, some who will, some who won't, and possibly even some who shouldn't*. Did I just write that out loud?!

I'm reminded of a favourite radio station when I lived in the NE of the USA many years ago. Their slogan was "Some songs you like, some songs you don't."

*tongue planted firmly in cheek.


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