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Just purchased this used, very used, 1996 K1100RS that was involved in a hit and run with a DEER.  There was a minimal amount of damage but it seems unique with the parts that broke off.

Run down of items needed help on:
1. Left mirror needed
2. already purchased left fairing piece
3. needed replacement fuel pump and filter, already got that too.
4. left rear turn signal,, ordered.
5. attempted to get all the "green gas" out.
6. The BIG issue is going to be the ABS-1 brakes, there is no pressure ???? do i just go onto U TUBE to figure this one out?

This is the beginning of something new having a BMW......
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Get a workshop manual, it will describe the correct procedure on how to rectify the ABS.


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Don't let the fact that the bike has ABS-I on it scare you from working on the brakes.  The first thing to do is a simply brake bleed.  It could fix your no pressure problem.  I have a 91 K100LT that I use to ride regularly.  When I took the bike to my second home it will sit for several months without being ridden.  I found I had no pressure on the front brake several times after it sitting for 2 to 3 months.  The strange thing (at least to me) is that it would pump up and hold the pressure if I rode it regularly but would loose pressure when I let it sit for several months while I was gone.  I finally bleed the brakes including the ABS unit near the rear foot pegs and it has been alright since even after sitting for several months.

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The cheapest thing on a BMW is the nut that connects the handlebars to the seat.

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