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Well, following on from my intro post, I thought I would throw up a build thread, considering I'm going to need help along the line, so I might as well document the process.

I picked up my first BMW K100 84' yesterday, old bloke had it sitting in his shed for 5 years unmoved, he couldn't tell me what was wrong with it other than it had been sitting for that long. But on inspection, it had no brakes, leaking rear m/cyl, possible leaking rear main seal, and a couple of scuffs where he had dropped it.

I got it home and immediately started the process of trying to get it running, so replaced stale fuel, new battery, and it turns over fine, but it went downhill from here, I noticed a fuel leak, which was a broken cap on the elec connections. Then the fuel tank was full of black shit, pulled the fuel pump out and the rubber mount has deteriorated beyond saving, the fuel pump was clogged up with the black gunk from the rubber, so I turned my attention elsewhere, taking the injectors out, I noticed years of oily mess build up, so I'm willing to bet it was parked up with a full tank of fuel, and over the next 5 years it proceeded to leak over the block, attracting all forms of foreign rubbish.

So my plan is, clean the injectors, find a replacement fuel pump assy, or even just buy a complete second hand assy with a tank if I have to, and then try again to get this thing started.

In hindsight, I may have made a mistake buying this bike, but I'm sort of committed to repairing it now.

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When it's running it will be bombproof, but nothing (okay: very little) survives being parked up like that. With a K of that age, you also need to be looking at replacing all the rubberware down by the throttlebodies. This lot:

Items 1, 4, 5 and 6. And item 1 here:

Especially this as it will be split. Apart from the pump that Martin mentions, you will need external fuel line (source locally), internal fuel line and a fuel filter - items 1 and 8 here:

Do not try to use external line inside the tank as it WILL rot away. Make your external fuel lines between two and three inches longer than standard as it will make removing/replacing the fuel tank a lot easier.

I had to do all of this on mine and so far it's done 61,000 almost trouble-free miles in my possession and 101000 miles overall.

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