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I have some sad bits that just wouldn't be worth the hassle on ebay but might help the pragmatic finish a project. Giving away to collector - located near Canterbury, Kent.

Fairing lowers:
Offside has 10cm crack very visible in the Gel and a bit visible from the inside. Also has pretty bad gouge in the Gel (both towards the bottom).
Nearside has metal mounting bracket at lower front snapped off and not available. I repaired similar damage at fairing uppers with epoxy and it has worked well.
Both have the black vent thingies.

Radiator surround left and right hand side plastic parts only.

All this stuff is tatty but if I chuck it, it's lost forever.

I won't wrap, post or deliver. I will supply tea or coffee. I'll leave this up for a week or so.

I also have: belly pan plastic, side/centre stand, front mudguard. These will be sold but am open to offers, particularly those that are collection and cash.

All now free. Inbox if interested.

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