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Dear Fellow KBIKE enthusiasts,
I was pleased to refit my clutch the other day and made sure I used new stretch bolts and the proper washer and torque settings.
A thought crossed my mind regarding the instrument cluster glass thickness? Mine is cracked and I thought I might by some clear acrylic and cut it to shape/size. Anyone done this before? A bad idea?


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I had a local plastic workshop cut some out. They did a left and a right omitting the centre section. He also did a complete one with the markings at a cost of $20.00 Au. Your main problem is going to be removing the old glass (Perspex). After consulting my brains trust nobody could come up with a safe method. I have access to a turret mill and a CNC machine both which were ruled out as suitable. They can however CNC more panels using the ones I had done.

I decided to leave the centre section with the markings as it is recessed and would be a lot harder to mill out. I ended up making a stand with a flat base to hold my air pencil burr. I set it so that it just not quite penetrated the Perspex and carefully milled it out. The outer perimeter was easy, the straight edge along the instrument markings proved a bit harder and required a steady hand. Once milled I turned the casing over and a light tap with a hammer handle popped the Perspex out .

At this stage I am still to glue in the new part. I am still trying to find a compatible glue that would make removing easier if needed. I have been told that silicone spray cleaner was the cause of mine crazing on one side. I was told not to use acid free silicone that I was going to use as it would cause crazing again. Then somebody else told me it wasn't the silicone spray that caused the crazing it was the propellant. So at the moment I'm still researching what glue to use. If required I can take pictures and post what I have done so far.

Regards Martin.

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I've read of people doing that before. As long as you use the same thickness material, know what you're doing and use the right adhesive then I don't see why it wouldn't be a good DIY project.

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Thank you very much for your answers!


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