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1Back to top Go down    A Nice Winter Ride on Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:08 pm


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It was a nice day here in New York today with temps in the low 40's F .Took the K100 out for 3 hours .Man this bike loves this cold air ! It runs GREAT in this weather.Anyway,I had a good time riding and just thought I'd share that. It's so nice to not being here reporting problems and just enjoying my ride.

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Two Wheels Better

That sounds like a good few hours out. Any time on the bike is better than in.

When I lived in Vermont & Massachusetts I loved a good Winter ride. Watching out for patches of wet leaves, black ice, and having to clean off the road salt left from spreaders was worth the time spent at the task. Many times it'd be months between rides.


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Yep, they certainly do like the cooler weather. Cooler air is denser with more oxygen for combustion.

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