BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Over the last year or so iv spent more time at the Docs than ridding the K,other members talk of shoulder problems,loss of upper body strength etc,for me its the breathing,bellows are worn out.
So what to do??.The knowledge we have can be passed on our tools shared out and bikes sold on
BUT only to those with interest of theK .
Now for the cunning plan ORGAN DONORS,DON'T PANIC i don't mean today.
Think of it normal people who receive parts from Knutters find themselves drawn to the Brick with no idea why.Joy of JOYS the fun of it.Planting the pox in innocent unsuspecting souls.Come on you lot have a laugh at the expense of ill health and old age ,remember you cant take it with you so make sure what you leave behind helps others bring the mighty K into Immorality immorality K POX 39723

1984 k100 rs red/black VIN 0004449

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