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Read in Daily Mail:

  • A woman was left stunned after a kangaroo burst through her bedroom wall
  • Her father told her to get a shotgun but she refused to use it on the animal 
  • Her father shooed the animal out of the farm house front door using a broom 
  • She shared images of the hole in the wall and mess the animal had made online

A teenage girl was left stunned after a rogue kangaroo burst through the wall of her bedroom and trashed her belongings before her father was forced to shoo it out the front door with a broom.
Sarah said she had been out for dinner with her family on Saturday evening when they arrived home to uncover the bizarre and incredibly Australian scenario.
The 16-year-old said her father, who had noticed the gaping hole in her bedroom wall from the outside of the farmhouse, suggested she get a shotgun when they realised an uninvited kangaroo was still in her bedroom


'My dad first shouted at me to get the shotgun but I refused, so he scared it out into the kitchen with a broom, and managed to force it out the front door,' Sarah wrote on Reddit.

'It was bleeding, probably cut itself on my now smashed mirror, but otherwise seemed fine. Hopefully it won't come back for more.

'It left blood, piss and sh** on my floor, walls and bed. It smashed my full length mirror and made a gaping hole in my wall.'
Sarah has since shared images which depict the aftermath of the kangaroo's visit to social media site Reddit, alongside the caption: 'A massive kangaroo bust through my wall and f****ed up my room'


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