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Should be quite similar issues  between K75 and K100. But 8 years ago I started to refurbish a K75 as a cafe racer. For various reasons including heartbreak, divorce and other idiot reasons I suspended the project after  powder coating the frame and other bits and pieces. Given the COVID-19 shelter in place orders it seems like a good time to restart the project. At this point I'm looking at doing the brakes and getting them re-installed. The engine and both wheels are in place. But the brake calipers are a little rough, i.e. dirty and showing some corrosion at the connectors. So I wire brushed the outside metal and have used brake cleaner to further clean off the outside. Now the original front brakes were earlier model that has a metal tube dropping through the fork tube and ending in a "Y" with brake lines running to either side. The rear is standard and had a bit more aluminum corrosion to the point that the original paint had peeled. I'm looking at the rubber trying to clean it inside and out. Wondering if it is trustworthy or if I can afford to replace them. I've looked up the prices online and groaned a bit. As a kicker a buddy sold me a parts bike for USD $100.  A K75 but with the tranny and rear end missing. And a couple of other pieces. But the front brakes on this bike are the kind with a metal tube under the fender connecting the two front calipers. First thought was to use those but unfortunately the metal tube that drops through the main fork tube is one of the missing bits. Looked into replacing that piece and it was suggested that I just run a braided steel hose from the front brake handle down the side to the right caliper and then the hard steel tube over to the left rside. I'm dithering about which approach to take refurbish the existing hoses or break the bank and get the braided brake line. And then there may a cost to refurb the calipers.

So questions to the assembled experts. Cleaning the brake hose lines. Does that make any sense or does dumping them seem like a necessity. An aside- At this point I'm primarily interested in seeing if the bike can be reassembled and got running. Prettying it up is a secondary concern. Any suggestions on how to clean the rubber brake hoses? Any flaming red flags about what is absolutely impossibly stupid to do?

Likewise with the calipers. Any suggestions of how to test if the existing rubber is still intact and trustworthy. The brake pads themselves look to be decent and I have others to boot. Any warnings? Always seems like there is someone who will tell me all the evil things that could happen. BTW, my main ride is another K75 with a R100RT fairing that has 161,000 miles on it. So I'm now the proud owner of either 2 1/2 bikes or 1 bike and 1 1/2 parts bikes. Wink


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It's not expensive to run a SS line from the master to the right caliper and then the metal line to the left caliper. I've done it to several Ks.

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Hi Duck,
Do you remember where you got the part? Just the SS line and banjo's? Prices I've been quoted at this point are $100+. Also does anyone know of a supplier other than BMW for the rubber bits?


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