BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog

I converted my K100rt fairing to an electric one. I love it and won't go back to a standard windshield.
If you are interested to convert yours, here is a very good deal. I found it on the ibmwr site and contacted the seller.
It seems that everything is there to convert your K100rt (even the switch).
The conversion is very easy and requires some minors modification such as grinding few milimeters of the fairing bracket and raising your instrument cluster by 1/2 of an inch.
for info, if you go to BMW and buy it new, the conversion cost over $2,500.
Here is your chance:


K1100-LT Parts
These are bike parts left over from a project, Complete K1100-LT fairing ( Red, less electric windshield), $ 495.00, Electric windshield assembly w/ windshield $ 195.00, Sargent seat $ 175.00, Tank $ 275.00, Crashbars (w/hardware), $ 125.00, BMW AM/FM Cassette (w/all hardware and radio code), Throttlemeister, $ 45.00, Spotlights with mounting bracket $ 125.00, Bag racks $ 45.00, Rear rack $ 25.00, Front master cylinder (same as R1100) $ 195.00, Calipers $ 250.00 (pair), Front wheel $ 275.00, Rear wheel $ 225.00, Front end $ 295.00 (complete), Handlebar switches $ 35.00 each, Photos for interested buyers, Call me on the telephone for more details.
Price: $ 35.00-$ 495.00
Location: Long Beach, CA.
Contact Joshua Buck at <>
Telephone (562) 254-0452 PST Work
Posted Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 14:27:34 (EST)


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New member
New member
I believe they are a BMW salvage operation. I just purchased a front fork brace from them and awaiting its arrival.


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