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My girlfriend has just passed her CBT and getting a little runaround of her own so I don't really need such a big tourer anymore, so much as I love my K I'm selling it.

Its a 1990 reg with under 20,000 miles, which as far as I know is genuine. Apart from scratches and non-structural cracks in the fairing where the previous owner dropped it, and the odd rusty fastner the bike is spotless. The service history is vague, but i have a full list of work that has been done to it in the past year. Most recent work that I have had done myself is new screen, cleaned the starter motor, fuel filter has been replaced and some air leaks fixed. Its fully MOT'd until Feb 2012 and taxed until November 2011.

The colour-matched top box is included, but the fixing bracket is missing. There are side rails ready for paniers.

If you're interested send me a PM for more info Smile

K100 LT for sale 00510
K100 LT for sale 00610
K100 LT for sale 00710
K100 LT for sale 00810
K100 LT for sale 00910
K100 LT for sale 01010
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