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Hi guys,
New to k100's and just got a quote for all ebc prolite discs and pass for my 89 k100rt @ 650 Aussie dollars inc shipping to aus. Is that good? If so ill order tonight.


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RicK G

Welcome to the forum there is heaps of good info here as well as heaps of great people.

Is that just front or all 3 discs, either way for the 2 front a fair price and all 3 a really good price.

Good to see you aren't supporting the Oz importer (Wayne Gardner) from making his fortune even bigger by means of rip off.

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g'day chucky ....welcome to the forum ....

beter post up some pics for us huh ?

if it is, who i think it is , how did things go ? are we riding yet ?

about the discs thats kinda comparable to the metalgear prices ....but i think the ebc is a better product

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About $200+ per disc x 3 and 3 sets of pads for less than $50...that's what the market is right now on average. If you take the time and look around on eBay and some discount motorbike spares sites you can find 'em for less than $200 a piece (non-ABS). AU$650 all up is about what we have to pay with shipping unless you do some homework first. Is time money? For me it is, but I'm good with my time. For a better answer tell us whether you've got ABS or not. BTW, welcome to the forum.

Here's an eBay seller in California selling the back disc for AU$183 plus shipping. Perhaps they could make you a deal. Looking at Brissy-based Metalgear's prices of $219 per disc front x 2, $189 rear and about $15 per pad set x 3 I'd say why buy from overseas?!


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