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Is there a guide somewhere to change the fuel tank on a 85 RT which has the 7L and 4L lights for the one with a proper fuel float type sender unit?

I have just got the LT dash and already have the temp gauge working but need to get the fuel gauge working.

Im presuming its possible to swap tanks but im not sure what i need etc.



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you might run into tank mounting issues badger . the later series have 2 sockets (for want of a better word ) welded on the frame where the tank makes its rear mounting ......i guess you have the earlier type with the single screw in the centre of the frame / tank bracket .

maybe some one with welding skills could attach the correct metal work which might have to be manufactured and measured up >??

but a good upgrade in my opinion .


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could,nt you just change the fuel sensor over to float type in the tank?
Not sure if its possible but I'm sure one of the wizards will be able to tell you if its possible

regards Tony

K100 RS 1986

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I am also considering swapping the tank on my 85 K100rs. I want to strip the paint off one and polish the aluminum. My current one has some deep gouges. Later model tanks show up for sale more often. And the float type sensor would be a bonus since i have an Acewell speedometer installed and it can't read the thermistor type sensor.

Can anyone tell me the differences between the tanks?

I know that the later years have two holes in the rear mount. On my bike the single hole in the rear tank mount bolts onto a bracket that is bolted onto the frame. Is there a similar bracket that can be bolted on for the later tank mounts?

I know the fuel sensor inside the tank is different and I think that the wiring from the tank may be different too.

Is there anything else?



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