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I forgot to tell you about the clutch alignment tool that I purchased before Christmas. I had searched the local machine shops since the summer for a machinist who would make a clutch tool for me for the clutch job I was working on. I came up empty handed. The machinist's per-hour price made any custom-made tool unaffordable. I was going through BMWMOA website around Christmas and came across Polepenhollow. I sent an email and received the following reply back:

Yes, "Valve Adjusting Tools" and “Clutch Pilots” are available for the BMW 2 valve "K" engine.
“Valve Adjusting Tools” (both K75 & K100) are 2 pieces made from 3/16” Laser cut steel. Working contours are identical to factory tools. "Valve Adjusting Tools" are new, from steel,
“Valve Adjusting Tools w/ Instructions”, for BMW 2 valve "K" engines are $28 S/H included.
“Clutch Pilots” for BMW K's (both K75 & K100) are available also. New, from steel.
“Clutch Pilots w/ Instructions”, for BMW K’s, are $18.50, S/H included.
See attachments for pictures.
Cashiers Check, Money Order or Personal Check are welcome.
“Pay Pal” accepted also. Please apply “Pay Pal” to:

Parts will be shipped within 24 Hours of when check arrives or “Pay Pal” is posted.
Please make checks payable to
“Kenneth Lively”

Thanks, Good Luck and Good Riding.
Kenneth Lively
5019 109th st NE
Marysville WA 98271

I ordered the Clutch Pilot tool and it came in a few days. The tool looks very well made but what can one say about essentially a piece of steel rod. One day I'll need to do some more clutch work and will be able to test the tool. In the meantime, this information may be useful for other members.

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nice find rob ....great price too ..(for the right tools )!!!

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

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