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Are any UK K100 meets planned this year by anyone in any form (official or unofficial?)


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hiya chris .....the aussie mob has been trying to stir up some comeraderie ..with your lot over there ...

im sure there are lots of meetups or rides going on ....just have to get the uk mob a bit more active ...

so far we have had 3 excellent (east coast ) meets .(lots more local ones ) ..and posted some pics ...and banter in the hope to enchourage more commitment to fun ...

i have a feeling that the weather has a lot to do with it ...

but to be honest ...i really dont care if its raining or not ...getting to meet other enthusiasts has got to be a most welcome reward

if i can enchorouge you to start a meet event or rides event in anyway ...go for it ol mate will meet some great folks and talk trash all day ...but the enjoyment and "good will" feeling is its own reward

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

'86 K100 RT..#0090401 ..."Gerty" ( Gertrude Von Clickandshift ) --------O%O

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Ghost who rides

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Life time member
Stir them up Chris ,challenge them place and date ! Bet you enough turn up to have a great time . Bet you heaps turn up and you have a "riot ". Bet you 10turn up if you state time and place (no excuses faffing about Wimbleton, Olympics etc ). Challenge them .


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Skegness, fish and chips by the sea side, great.


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