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Life time member
Got a call from Electric Monk today who is the other end of the county from me on holidays and suggested a get together on his way back up north. Typical that I wasn't available to meet up

Anyway we chatted bikes and camera mounts for a while, which was great and agreed to meet soon.

If some of you guys to the south (92KK + Avenger GT) would be up for it we could meet some where in the Laois/Carlow/Kilkenny area for a meet up. I'm away 15th to 19th of Aug but most weekends between now and end Aug are good for me?

Who's up for it???

88....May contain nuts!

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine from 1600 years ago & still true!

Bike: K100LT 1988. 0172363. AKA the Bullion Brick! Mods: k1100 screen and stands.
K1: 1990. 6374189. Custom Stealth Black paint.

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Hover K100

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Silver member
My K will be on the move from 28th July to 6th August starting in Sligo and visiting various lakes and rivers on the way to Tralee. If any of you are nearby give me a call. Mines the only K on our trip this year although there will be a craft with a R1100 engine.
I've recently discovered a couple of K's for parts nearby so if any of you locals need anything just let me know.

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