BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Life time member
Did anyone else spot these

nice set, looks as though it is missing all the straps inside though.

Is this a complete unit or is it missing the top?

Just around the corner from Rossco, maybe he can help with freight?

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K panniers and Topbag 10_x_110

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klompy the grey brick

klompy the grey brick
yep that bag thing is unusual but appears complete....and the panniers look good other than no keys or internals......

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Chassis number0019026
Vehicle code0503
ModelK 100 RS 83 (0502 ( 0503 )
Body typeK 100 RS 83 (0502
Catalog modelECE
Production date1984 / 07

K panniers and Topbag Au-log10


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