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Y'all (you all...pronounced as in a sailing vessel)...are going to like this.

We are a kind of international crowd, so thought to offer this.

Our football is a little different from other countries.

This guy just got signed to the Detroit Lions!


Norwegian soccer player goes to the US national football league.

Article and video here:|htmlws-main-bb|dl14|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D297266

Video...that is some crazy skill.
He'll do well...and good luck to him.


'89 k100 rs se

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Ghost who rides

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Inge's brother, talented family.

1986 K 75 C 2nd owner 187,000kms showing .
1987 K100RT Police repainted, rough and unloved.

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tio Jaimito

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Must be from Tromso.

Krazy Kat. 1985 K100RS Alaskablau 13000miles 8valve "Black Belly"

Peggy's 1987 K75s Columbia Grey 9500miles 6 valve.

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