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1Back to top Go down    Vacuum Gauges. on Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:18 am


I was thinking about getting a set of vacuum gauges.
Does anyone use the carbtune pro device?
I was wondering if it does what you expected it to do.


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RicK G

I use gauges and always have without problems, others use the carbstix also with success so its a matter of personal preference.

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I found several reviews online, it looks like the goods. About $100 delivered. Poor old visa Smile


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I have been using the carbtune dual gauges for many years now. When I bought the brick, the first thing that I did was buy the 4 column carbtune. When I sync'ed the throttle bodies with them there was a huge improvement in the bike.


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Cheers, people doing the reviews I found seemed to prefer them as they don't use liquid. I saw a lot of complaints about bubbles etc in the liquid based ones. I have ordered one so I should see it in a couple of weeks. I'll have a look for air leaks in the meantime, I'm sure it's got a few of them Smile


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