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Having done numerous Audiovox CCS-100 cruise control installs on K bikes, last year I found a Rostra 250-1223 unit on FleaBay with free shipping with a $99 Buy-It-Now price and decided to give that a whirl on a recently acquired K75.† Now that I have a few thousand miles on the electronic cruise control, Iím of the opinion that the CCS-100 is definitely superior.

Hereís why:

After some fiddling with the DIP switches on the Rostra, I was able to get it to keep from surging below the 70-75 MPH range which is where most of my riding occurs in Washington.† However, when I set it for 78-79 MPH for sections of I-5 with a 70 MPH speed limit, it gets up the power curve of the K75 and noticeably surges more than the CCS-100.

The 250-1223 also sometimes lets the speed drop a lot more then the CCS-100 before kicking in.

On the whole, I find the CCS-100 to be a much smoother and less obtrusive cruise control. In a digital vs. analog world, sometimes analog is better. (Yes, I know both are controlled by digital circuit boards. Iím referring to the power supply for the servo cable which is electronic on the 250-1223 and vacuum on the CCS-100.)

Another minor issue where I prefer the CCS-100 is that the CCS-100 allows me to use either the up or down switch for the initial set whereas only the down switch can be used to set the 250-1223.

That said, the 250-1223 does work and does do its job of keeping me at 8-9 over to avoid getting tickets.† And the engaged indicator output hooked up to an LED in the cluster is nice for visual confirmation.

The foibles of the 250-1223 are not so extreme that Iíll remove it and replace it with a CCS-100 but if I had it to do over again then I would definitely opt for a CCS-100 on that bike and thatís what Iíll use on any future CC installs.


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RicK G

RicK G
Thanks for that Duck a couple of us were talking about that on the weekend and were wondering if there was any difference.

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