BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Life time member
Inspired by larrikin's post:

A truckie (trucker to the new worlders) stopped to pick up a hitch hiker who had two heads, no arms and one leg.

The truckie said " 'ello, 'ello. You look 'armless. Hop in. "

What we in Oz know as a 'Dad joke'. i.e. a joke so bad it makes the children roll their eyes incessantly.

1985 K100RT VIN 0028991 My original Very Happy (Historic rego)
1985 K100RT VIN 0029036 BOB the Blue Old Bike (Historic rego)
1990 K100LT VIN 0190452 Work in progress
1984 K100RT VIN 0023022 Work needing lots of progress

1986 K100RT VIN 0090542 Work needing lots and lots of progress
1993 K1100LT VIN 0183046 Work in progress
1993 K75S VIN 0213045 Newest toy, slightly non-original

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Two Wheels Better

Laughing Two heads!? Roll out the Taswegian jokes.

1987 K100RS, '93 K11/K12 hybrid 'Big Block', '09 K1300GT, '07 K1200R, '04 R1150RT, '95 R100 Mystic, '77 R75/7.
Have we accomplished half of what we dreamt we would? There may still be time.

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