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Hi Brains Trust, I'm looking for aftermarket exhaust options for my K75 scrambler build.. I like the look of the Dan-moto GP exhaust..

Has anyone had any experience with Dan-moto?

Alternatively any recommendations?




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RicK G

I am building a K75 into a similar sort of thing and found a Triumph Daytona muffler which is getting some treatment before it goes on.  That pipe would be a good thing looks right would depend on noise.

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Two Wheels Better

From DanMoto's website, a description of the muffler:

'The exhausts are sold as open “Race Version” without Baffle.
This does not mean these are just empty pipes which sound like a tin can.
Inside the exhaust is a bike specific core with a packing of long lasting fiber material, specially composed for this application.
An additional baffle is available, which reduces the noise level but keeps the nice tone and rumble'.

We're expected to believe it'll sound like a symphony?

adjective: composed
having one's feelings and expression under control; calm, self-controlled, unperturbed, equable, tranquil, relaxed, at ease, together, laid back, unflappable, serene, "cool as a cucumber", etc.

"she remained composed throughout the ordeal"


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Sniff...can you smell that? I think it might be bullsh*t.


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