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As I picked up my neighbour from Rose City shopping centre in Warwick Queensland, Australia, I spotted a nice K100 in the bike parking area. just wondering if it was any of our illustrious members? Rick, was going to ask if you were available tomorrow, but had a flat battery yesterday. Jump started it ok, had to get fuel, so the servo manager push started me ( servo only a few minutes away.) Rode 30 k to work, but no good. Jump started it yesterday arvo again. Battery reads 11.8 with engine not running, 13.5-14 with engine running and a bit of throttle. 11.8 again this morning. I have returned the battery to the place I bought it from for inspection. Told him I would be back tomorrow to see what he reckons. The last battery I got from him lasted five years. May call tomorrow depending.


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RicK G

There is one forum member in Warwick but I have never even seen him on line so I would say he is no longer active.
I should be home all day Sunday Woody

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