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looking to install a dash cam of some sort on my 91 k100LT.
anyone with any input?

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Born Again Eccentric

Born Again Eccentric
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Life time member

There are a few recent articles on the forum about cameras on bikes (be it for crash cam, ride recording or both).
Try the following links:

There are others out there....try the search facility.
My experiences are recorded in the garmin post (link above) - I use it daily on my commute and when on longer tours/outings and am pleased with the performance. 

The key principal is that whatever you select, it must be water proof (car dash cams won't survive). The general rule of you get what you pay for rules -  a cheap bullet cam will give disappointing results to match. How and where you mount it is critical - too much vibration/movement will ruin the results. Mounting location is somewhat trial and error - there is some discussion on this in the posts too.

dash cams for a k100 Uk-log10 dash cams for a k100 Sco-lo15dash cams for a k100 Eu-log10
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