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Since this is a favourite bike riding route, you might want to be aware that the road is closed about 8.2 kms from the Summerland (south) way. One of the old wooden bridges seems to have a bit of a sag in it and all vehicular traffic has been stopped. If you're coming from the Rathdowney end and get to the "road closed" sign, then you still have the option of turning down Sheepstation road (all dirt) and eventually coming out on the Murwillumbah- Kyogle road.
However if you're like me, riding north, and you see the road closed sign, you think "I do not believe it"/ "Not possible when I'm all organised to ride through to the Tick gate",so you keep going until you get to the bridge.
They've left a less than a metre wide strip on the old bridge so the school kids can walk across and trans ship to the bus.
This is only an option Sat and Sun because the guys will be working there during the week.

This bridge is going to be out of action for a loong time if the Iron Pot Creek road bridge replacement saga is anything to go by.

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