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New member
Hi all!
I am Vincenzo, a new member of the forum. I live in Italy, Rome. First I would like to apologize for my English!

A month ago I bought a 1989 K75s in good condition and after a general check-up for now I'm using it for daily route home-work.
Initially I had doubts about the shaft drive, I've always had motorcycle with chain drive... and instead it has been incredible the instant feeling generated between me and my K, thanks to her I can move free in Rome not suffering much the terrible traffic!Very Happy

everything ok!! except...
the strumentation that is dried, cracked and shaky (but it works fine!) on which I want to act.
Searching around information I discovered this nice forum full of advice and I can not wait to try the various suggestions and to speak my mind.

everythig ok!! except...
reading various posts on the forum about the replacement of strumentation I had the wish to changing my bike in a sort of cafe racer!! Twisted Evil It should be suitable for everyday use, comfortable seat, handlebar not too low...but not now vincenzo, not yet...

Cheers everyone


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RicK G

Hi Vincenzo welcome to the forum. Your English is fine and a lot better than my Italian.
You don't need to convert a K75s to a cafe racer, it is better than that

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Life time member
Hi Vincenzo
Enjoy the ride as is. If it's in good condition the loverly lady does not deserve to be cafe'd.

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