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Hi Guys!

Long time reader, first time writer lol!

Until 2 days ago I had the following broblem:

My K100 cuts off when I rev above 5000 rpm. In top gear this is at about 120 kph. It would just kind of hesitate at firts, and then completely cut off for about 2 seconds (no power at all), after which when I close the throttle and wait for a few seconds, everything seems fine again...
There is only a problem above 5000 rpm, under 5000 rpm everything seems fine and the bike pulls good, no problem at al. It's only when I rev above 5000 rpm (doesn't mather wich gear i'm in) that the engine starts to hesitate and eventualy cut out.

This problem just started about 200k ago. Before I had no problem at all.

Yesterday, things got worse:
I was driving on the highway at about 110 kph, when suddenly the power was gone completely! I could only rev until 2500 rpm. So top speed in 5th gear was 60 kph affraid I was lucky I was near an exist, so I left the highway and limped home at 50-60 kph. Even when I rev in neutral, I could only rev until 3500 rpm. So my bike is not driveable until this issue is fixed.

I recently (600k ago) did a clutch spline lube and replaced the water/oil pump, fuel filter, oil filter, oil, brake lines,...

Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be? Something with the ignition maybe? I don't think there is something wrong with the fuelsystem, since I had full power untill I reach 5000rpm...


Greatings from Belgium,


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92KK 84WW Olaf

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If it only started after you did the service work start there first. The fuel filter change could suggest one of the pipes has come loose inside the tank or there is a problem with a pipe in the tank and you are not getting enough fuel. Possible the filter has picked up some extra dirt that was disturbed inside the tank and is restricted. What kind of filter? Run the bike with the gas tank open to see what's happening inside.

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