BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Life time member
Anyone seen Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa?

Ive watched them like 10 times. well, twice. But thats a lot. I love them. They are my 'on any sunday'.

Plus the sound tracks are freakin awesome surf-psych-60's-rock made by the guys who did the trips/made the films. 

Ewen and Charlie - eat ya heart out. In fact these films inspired Ewen and Charlie but they unfortunately never really acknowledged that fact Long Way Down basically takes the format of Terra Circa and adds that Hollywood commercial sick coloured sheen to it - oh and the fact most people over look - THEY DIDNT ACTUALLY FINISH THE RIDE! The hardest section through Russia was done on the back of a truck....coz GS's are actually not very good adventure bikes (and the crowd goes boooooo! ) Wink

K100 with lots of K1100 bits - mongrel of a thing...

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