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Hi everyone

Does anyone know how to remove the oily crud surrounding the fuel injectors and avoid oily contaminants falling into the fuel injector holes?




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Spray engine degreaser around the injector recesses... wait 15min... hose out.
Then with a ¼" tube duct taped into your vacuum cleaner nozzle, suck out any crude/water/dirt remaining.
Wait for any remaining water to dry out and carefully pull the injectors.
Carefully clean out any remaining crud.
Use strips of rag rolled into a plug to block the holes.


1989 K100RT     VIN  0097367 (naked)  
1996 K1100RS   VIN  0451808
 Dirty engine cases and fuel injectors.... Austra12    Fuel:  95 Octane
Engine Oil: Nulon Full Synthetic 15W50
Gear Box Oil:  Nulon Synthetic 75W90

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