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Hi there.

This is my first post. after market warning lights Clap  Im busy doing a 1985 k100rs into a cafe racer. ive completed most of the project but im now stuck on the warning lights which im installing. Ive bought a set called Highsiders there are indicator lights which i have working. high beam is working but i cant seem to get the neutral light or the oil light working??? tried everything. as soon as i plug the original instruments in it works fine. if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. I will include the instructions from the warning lights after market warning lights 2thumbup

black (ground) + orange (+) = indicator left
black (ground) + blue (+) = indicator right
black (ground) + yellow (+) = high beam
if neutral light or oil pressure is negative signal:- connect grey to neutral signal and brown to 12v (+) connect green to oil signal and purple to 12v (+)
If neutral or oil pressure is possitive signal connect brown to neutral signal and grey to ground(-) connect purple to oil signal and green to ground (-)

so in all there is grey green purple orange brown black blue and yellow

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Michael. Good first post!

The neutral light is illuminated from the gear position indicator (LCD display) in the instruments which gets its info from the Gear Position Switch (GPS) at the back of the gearbox. Its not straight forward as the indicator has to interpret the signals which come via 3 wires from the GPS. The neutral light and clutch switch form an interlock circuit which prevents the starter from cranking if in gear and clutch is engaged. This can be disconnected but the starter will then crank when in gear. However, without the gear position indicator there's nothing to illuminate the neutral light.
Fortunately one of our members has a solution to that which you can check out HERE.

As far as the oil pressure light goes I think its a negative signal.


1989 K100RT     VIN  0097367 (naked)  
1996 K1100RS   VIN  0451808
 after market warning lights Austra12    Fuel:  95 Octane
Engine Oil: Nulon Full Synthetic 15W50
Gear Box Oil:  Nulon Synthetic 75W90

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Motorbike Mike

Motorbike Mike
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Life time member
There is an even simpler solution for the neutral light.
I used a sender off an R1100 gearbox because it fits the K g'box and  only has 2 wires.
The only alteration was to move the detent on the trigger wheel because it wasn't where it needed to be.
I filed in another detent and filled the old one in with Aralite. It works a treat!


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