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I posted the above topic and had several very helpful replies so I thought I would post an update.
I gave up trying to fix the problem myself and gave the bike to our local independent BMW mechanic.
He had another K75 in for mechanical repair so he swapped the Electronic Ignition Unit and the EFI Computer.
He then checked the Fuel Pressure, Fuel Injectors, Water Temp Sensor and Air flow Meter with no improvement.
The bike was left for a few days then it started and ran normally, starting every morning for 5 days then went bad again.
Swapped the Fuel Tank over and finally the Air Flow Meter at which point the bike ran ok again.
The conclusion is that it was an intermittent fault in the Air Flow Meter although this is not 100% definite.
It has started every day for about 10 days now and has had a 20 mile run in the rain with no problems, in fact its like a new bike, as the timing has been reset and the injectors balanced. The throttle response is now immediate and the engine sounds super smooth.

K75RT ABS Mystic Red 1995 7th owner
Engine No.753EA 0294
Chassis No. 03706294134
Mileage 24/12/18  40,399

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Life time member
It's good idea to post this with your original post so we can the initial problem.

Good to hear you got it sorted and the bike is running nice and smooth.


1989 K100RT     VIN  0097367 (naked)  
1996 K1100RS   VIN  0451808
  K75 running very rich Austra12    Fuel:  95 Octane
Engine Oil: Nulon Full Synthetic 15W50
Gear Box Oil:  Nulon Synthetic 75W90

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