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Hi generous knowledge sharers! The k100 rs 86 sat for awhile and the  fairly new Odyssey sealed battery needed to be charged, hmm, so we tried a different charging method than my normal slow charger to the battery harness single hook up  and am wondering if this: 1. fried my fuel pump?, 2. potentially damaged anything else? Keep reading if you are bored. 

 here is what "we" did ,( btw ,"we" since i did not flat out say no to this attempt although was thinking that!!) , negative jumper on the frame bolt ,positive to the positive battery terminal , with both a trickle charger and also a high powered fast charger at different times, the fast charging attempt was enough to get the bike to turn over but it never started, when the slow charger was hooked up the head light would not come on when the ignition was turned on, after one half hour of using this trickle charger i changed to my normal trickle charger set up and noticed the headlight would turn on with this charging arrangement. However, the led indicators on the charger were BOTH initially lit up ,that is the "charging" light and the "charged" light were BOTH on at the same time which had never happened before this incident. Within an hour only the "charging" light was lit up. 

After one night the charger stated the battery was charged and the bike would turn over but not start , i did not the hear the fuel pump engaging and noticed the fuel pump fuse  was blown and put in two more fuses that also blew after trying to start the bike. This a non OEM fuel pump i put  in about 5000 miles ago? and it was working before the battery was charged as describe above.   I read elsewhere on the forum that blown fuel pump fuses prob means the pump is seized. I don't mine trying another cheap fuel pump but I'm worried that if we did cause the fuel pump to seize up did we do  anything else to bike in the process?


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