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Took the old K100RT out yesterday for a ride, about 5 miles in strong smell of hot metal ( which I blamed on car coming the other way until there were no other cars ).  Pull over, clouds of smoke, rear completely locked up.  After 30 mins or so got the pads pushed back enough to limp home...digging the melted plastic cover out of the caliper took a while.
Caliper seals are fried, might even have actually been burning. 
I suspect that the combination of a rear rotor at the wear limit ( 0.141 ) and worn pads allowed the piston to get a little to far out and cock...totally my fault for being cheap AND lazy.

Rotor is now warped so I HAVE to replace it.

Anyway, do you think that the caliper can be rebuilt safely?  (I'm assuming that a rebuild kit contains all of the rubber bits )

Anything else I should worry about or go out of my way to check out?



RicK G

RicK G
Check for damage to piston and bore, make sure the piston slides freely and if it's OK reuse it.
Don't use sandpaper of any sort to clean it, the green potscrubers are the thing to use.

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