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Life time member
Life time member
At this time of the year, we celebrate the gift of God in Jesus Christ to mankind. Many view the giving of gifts at this time of the year as a remembrance of God's gift.

Through this forum during the last 18 months or so, I have received a gift of inestimable value - the gift of friendship.

The beginning was a weekend of spannering at RTs place at Robertson, NSW, and a ride down to the coast. 

This has progressed through multiple contacts over the forum and many more face to face meetings in Australia and Ireland. 

May I express my sincere gratitude to the people of this forum - firstly for the friendship but also for lots of good advice and information as well as various K100 bits given and bought. 

Merry Christmas, santa


1985 K100RT  VIN 0028991  My original Very Happy   (Historic rego)
1985 K100RT  VIN 0029036  BOB the Blue Old Bike  (Historic rego)
1990 K100LT  VIN 0190452  Work in progress
1984 K100RT  VIN 0023022  Work needing lots of progress

1986 K100RT  VIN 0090542  Work needing lots and lots of progress
1993 K1100LT  VIN 0183046  Work in progress
1993 K75S  VIN 0213045  Newest toy, slightly non-original

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Life time member
Life time member
much like yourself and many others here Bill, this forum has provided a Kinship amongst K riders, a Kamaraderie which surpasses even the most hardened groups , and the inevitable K-pox to sooth the inner soul.
Glad to be a part of the kalamity here .
Cheers to all , and hoping all things K keep you happy this festive season. santa rendeer

Happy Knew Year!

1987 K100RT  Ex- police        
1989 K100LT  Ol' Blue and "Kart" the Kamper trailer.  now KAPUT . 
1993 K1100RS  0194321         Colour #690 Silk Blue  aka " Smurfette"
2018 Kart upgrade.
The gift 10_x_110

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