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I have not been on this site for a few weeks, in and out of hospital kind of makes you a little iffy with visiting pages that are nto that important to me at the time, and I come back on here and go to post, and its tellign me that I have to introduce myself before posting???

What the...?

Anyway, if I have to do that then maybe Im going nuts? Maybe I am just a weirdo, and maybe there is a reason, I dont know, but here goes in a VERY small and quick intro:-

I am Damion Jones. I live in Colwyn Bay in Wales in the UK, ( The nice bit next to England ).
I nhave owned many many bikes and I have recently had a serious motorcycle accident, and I am no longer able to ride a motorbike, and as such, I have decided to go down the trike route. In order to do this, I will need an engine that I feel comfortable with. There are of course a huge selection of what I could go with, however, I just happened to come across a trike that was already built, and it was based on the K100RS.

The K range, is one that I never really warmed to in the past. Admittedly, I have never owned any BMW, but I always said that if I ever buy one, it will be a boxer, never one of these, but this came along and there we have it, Im an instant liar already LOL.

Ideally, I would have gone with a MotoGuzzi to be completely honest with you... I miss my baby, the thump, the feeling but of course again, they are rarer than shit now for the money I had to play with.

Now, I am not yet fully ready to get on the road, my legs are still bad, and I am currently wearing a femoral rail and they are trying to extend my leg after they removed over 4 inches due to massive dammage caused by a bone infection, and so, I have used this time to alter the trike to make it better for me, and it is just as well that I did, because what we found under the paint, was perhaps one of the most dangerous piles of shyte on the planet. How the hell this pile of crap has passed its MOT is beyond me, and it is crystal clear, that whoever did MOT it, had either no clues how to MOT, or did his mate a favour just to get rid of the thing. The Handbrake fell off the day I bought it, just moving it onto the driveway, and the rear suspension was the original single BMW shock simply dumped in the middle but put further back and so that was rock solid, and so now its changed to two harley shocks and that has lowered the trikes back end, and stopped it feeling like its diving into the front wheel, and had the briliant side effect of making the steering a little lighter ( not perfect, but definitely better ) and I may not now need leading links or have to increase the rake, but I will certainly be widening the bars to give a better leverage.

We have also had to do a whole load of extra welding and strengthening of the original frame and so much metalwork has simply had to be replaced, and in the end, we would have just been better off buying a new frame and re-working that instead... It would probably have been less work thats for sure.

The rear end is now finished with the welding work, however when I was doing some test runs, I found the rear wheel and the pivot joint were leaking fluids, and so I decided that since I am not ready to properly ride it, lets get all that lot sorted out too, and so I have now bought new Gaskets, seals, bearings and brake shoes etc etc, all the perishables that could possibly be used on the back end of the trike, and so, when they are all done, with some luck, I will never really need to do anything with the back and for a few years.

Only one small issue, is that the owner, for some reason or another, has actually welded all the nuts and bolts down, and so they will all need to be drilled and retapped and so there is a questionable reason behind that, that we have yet to learn.

Either way, this trike has turned out to be a complete death trap and we are having to work through it all to see what we have.

Also, during the halloween holidays, some little shit somehow bent over the screen, and has broken it seriously badly... Its FirbeGlass and has frayed really badly. I have been very lucky, but I have found a replacement fairing in ABS that looks to be the exact right one, ( Model and year ) and so thats going onto it soon too!

All in all, there is a shit load or work to do on it, but again, I got the trike for £2500 and I have spend so far £1000 on it and I am looking at roughly another £1000 on it and so in all, this would mean that the trike has cost me £4500 in total, but that will mean that it is now a full rebuilt trike, that has been adapted and made better for me and caters for my disability, and I feel that in the long run, that would make it a fairly good price, I think?

Anyway, thats not an introduction to me is it?

Sod it, its going to have to do for now.

I have forgotten what I wanted to ask now anwyay.




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Welcome again, FatRakoon.  Very Happy

Certainly been and being a challenge to get the machine functioning and safe!

Hope to see some reports/pics as the work continues.

If we get to the nice bit next to England one day, we might even drop in.


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Rick G

Rick G
Welcome back Fatrakoon. Gees if I can remember you then one would think the stupid server would but then again we are talking about computers.
You may think that 2500 for a POS is a bit crook but a friend in a similar situation to you had his much loved Yamaha Cruiser made into a trike by some "professional" on the Gold Coast and when he got it back to Tasmania the authorities told him to destroy the frame as it would never be given roadworthy. On the way from the Gold Coast to Taz he called in to see me and after he left another person here said to me how the F*** do you tell someone that his $25000 pride and joy is a heap of shyte. BTW the trike was a kit that came from US

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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Welcome back too.

Colwyn Bay is not so far from us at all, been there many times and its lovely there. Some lovely roads down to Betys y Coed, Capel Curig, Bodnant and many more.

I hope you get the trike sorted out. To get it sorted and made to suit your own personal needs its probably not a bad value. The key will be to get it sorted so its not got issues down the road. Sounds a nice one.

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Yes, thansk guys.. Again lol

Of course, pics... Yes, I ahve taken some pics of when we were doing the suspension changes the first time.
Right now, the trike is at my mates house cos he has a garage and is closer to Lurch's workshop, and I am to andfrom Hospital and while I am in and out of there, its better to just let them get on with the work really.

Ok, I will have a rummage through my pics and upload them shortly. I should have somehting worth uploading surely? LOL


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