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Im asking on behalf of friend. He has a 83 k100. When he is on the move, the engine will die off when he clutch in. Anybody has this problem before? Thanks in advance
Just found oùt that when we throttlr on a constant rev, it will also die off when park on mainstand

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There is a little rubber tube runs from the intermediate/engine housing to the plenum chamber that may be cracked allowing air in. same can happen for the throttle rubbers.
Is the fuel pump and filters good and clean? As an injector sticking from dirty fuel would slow things down too.

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Sounds like the same problem I had 18 months ago. Roll the throttle off, pull the clutch in and the motor would just die. Plagued me for 6 months. Turned out to be tight exhaust valve clearances.
Solution see page 3 #118

If this is the problem with your friends machine then the valve clearanced need to be checked and re-shimmed asap. If the exhaust valves are not closing properly they can get very hot and burn and will need re-seating (head needs to come off). Looks like I will be doing mine in the coming months.
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Just a little hunch since the cut out is linked to the pulling in of the clutch lever.

Check the routing of the clutch cable and the electrical connections beside it in the area under the fuel tank. Some of these connections can be upset if the movement of the cable can interfere with them. Cable ties generally keep the electrics away but these can sometimes be removed and not replaced.

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