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So I picked up two late 80's K100's cheap. One had a bad engine but clean title,  the second had a good engine and tranny but a salvage title. (From what I understand the salvage title comes from the bike that was originally an LT was laid down and the luggage and fairings were destroyed so insurance totaled it, but the engine and frame were untouched. So the previous owner bought  some ratty RS fairings for it and rode it a couple more years. 

1987 cafe project 46CAA10D-20A9-41B2-A76D-5B512914B956_zps8xxloin4

1987 cafe project A95A42C6-08CC-4B28-BEBD-8D3D60BFE98E_zpsmynbculn

So the first job is to strip the fairings down and get to the bare frame and engine on each bike and do an engine swap. 

(BTW all the fairings and luggage are for sale except the gold top case it's already claimed. If you are interested in anything let me know. )

So the engine swap is not that difficult. Just undo 5 bolts and lift the front wheel forks and frame off the engine and shaft drive. The hardest thing was getting the cables and wires disconnected to pull the frame off the engine. 
1987 cafe project 1874D537-62F5-41C6-98E3-61E8D8877E0D_zpslbnvypc8

1987 cafe project 648AC058-7723-463B-ABA2-84E4629F617E_zpsm3loh1yr

So now that the engine is swapped I need to check my wiring diagram in my manual and see if I can  get rid go that big dash and replace it with a couple dials  (speedo and tach). Also need to decide if I'll do straight drag bar, clubman bars or clip on's  I'll  post more as I progress.


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looks like a good project. Plenty of infor on here for you.

1987 K100RT (cafe racer)
1991 K100RS (soon to be my sons cafe racer)

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