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active member
I just got a RED Shuberth C3Pro helmet.  Was wondering if anyone had some DECALS that may be K1 themed for it?? I know its a stretch. 
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klompy the grey brick

klompy the grey brick
Hiya Mate..kindsa outside my field of expertise...whatever that may be but I have used vinyl to form irregular shapes. I reckon if you find a great font enlarge it and print it in revers and then use duplicating paper trace onto paper side of vinyl.

Worth a try or go to any reputable print decal shop and see what they can do. For a while it was illegal to attach decals to helmets as the adhesive solvent would weaken the helmet underneath and a couple of our Police helmets cracked along the decal line. I do believe that may no longer be an issue.

Anyhow good luck and let us see the results.


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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
To make and shape a sticker on a curve surface like the helmet:
I cover the area of the helmet with masking tape (3/4 wide strips overlapping) I then draw my shape, remove the tape in one piece and stick if on a flat surface.
I then cut the shape and report it on on the support that I want to do the sticker with (Usually 3M reflective material).
This way, you have a sticker looking straight when you apply it to the helmet.
This sticker cannot be too big as the shape is usually curved in both ways and if it's too big it won't stick correctly and bubble.

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