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Hi all, My '91 K1 has no spark plug cover - the alloy piece that is usually held on with three screws. On close inspection of the cam cover, it seems there are four mounting points, but none of them are threaded, they are smooth bore holes. Any idea what's going on here? 
Thanks for your help

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My k1 was the same. BMW must have shaved a few Deutsch Mark of the price by omitting this. As you have probably observed the fairing covers this so it is not noticeable. I did add one to mine by tapping the holes. I think this also applies to my K1100rs.

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Yup. Since the valve cover is hidden under the lower fairing on K1s and K1100RSs there's no point in having a spark plug cover and therefore no need to thread the mounting holes for one. The engine side covers are also all black in color.

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