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Hi Guys, well it stayed fine for the Copdock Show, we had alittle rain this morning but hay, that was ok..

 The autojumble was massive as usual it took me more than five hours to get around and rummage into all those boxes of rusty grubby old parts, but it was sure worth it as I got me some really nice treats cheap...
 For the little H100s I got an ignition barrel with a fuel tank cap & key that fits both, front indicators with brackets, used but good condition twin throttle cable, a gubby but serviceable front brake cable and both levers (NEW) for £15 from one guy..

Two Chromed Yamaha egg shaped mirrors and twin horns for the VMAX and a Square stainless Yamaha XJR mirror and small snail type horn for my Virago, all for £22 from another guy..

Various electrical crimp & solder connectors, a Helle 12v plug, little dash bulbs, stainless valve caps, domed nuts, little weather poof switches and fuse holders from another stall for a Tenner..

This Guy on a book stall wanted £20 for a K100/K75 Tatty Haynes and was piffed when I told him I'd give him no more than £12 as I can get a new one for £16.85.. Infact all his books were steeply Priced... Tit...

But I did get a really good German BMW Book from one guy for £2, it's like new and has 150 pages with a minimum of 4 good quality coloured glossy pictures per page in it only prob is I is a finding it a wee bit difficult to read the text koz it's in German... lol, but that ok..

It'd called "Typenatlas der BMW Motorrader by Geramond so I'll have to brush up on my German..

Anyhoo as there has not been many posts up on the Forum I thought that I would bore you with my bagains from the Show earlier today... Sorry Guys...

The Stunt riders put on a Good show today, there were alot of classic/Custom/Street bikes and Trikes to view both in the halls and outside, I spotted five aircooled RD's for sale from £850 to £2995 also one with a 350lc lump in it, There was a really tidy Trump Cub in red & cream like a little Bonnie, A mid '60s 650 Norton with Lockhead handle bar switch gear on both sides, Lucas Commando type indicators, twin Dunstall discs & callipers, Italian Alloy rims and them '61 type half bathtub torpedo style silencers, sounded sweet & looked awesome £6800. My phone died so no picture I'm afraid Guys..

Lots of Old classics up for Grabs. far too many to list and no BMW's ???

Only pictures I got were from the bike park on arrival & of my ride before I went... So here they are as we all like looking at pictures, don't we Guys.....

Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-112
Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-110
Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-111
Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-113
Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-117
Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-114
Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-116
Copdock Motorcycle Show 2016-115


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Scorpi, I like your K75 - they are great bikes aren't they?

That last picture looks like you use the same camera as our friend Klompy who likes us to have to lie on our side to look at the photos.


1990 K75 6427509; 1987 R80G/S PD 6292136; 2010 G650GS ZW13381; 95 K1100LT 0232224

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