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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
Here is my explanation of the principle of the sprag clutch

Will (88) found one way to clean the sprag clutch when you remove the crankcase cover.
Here is what he found:
I've done the sticking sprag in the K75 and an intermittent sticking one in the K1100RS.

With the right side (crank cover) off you can access the oilway holes in the sprag clutch. Turn the engine over gently you line it up where you can get a shot of cleaning oil in there.
Starter spinning, sprag clutch principle 2016-010

The ring has 3 holes in it one is more rearward than the other two. Try to get oil in there soaking overnight and in each opening whilst turning it over slowly.

Starter spinning, sprag clutch principle 2016-011

I certainly will be doing this any time the crank cover is off.

Starter spinning, sprag clutch principle Frog15Starter spinning, sprag clutch principle Logo2101986 k75, 1985 K100rt, 1985 K100rt/EML GT2 sidecar, 1999 K1200lt/Hannigan Astro Sport sidecar.

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