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active member
I was on the highway the other day and noticed something that scared me.
I was riding a good distance so I tightened the throttle lock and
relaxed my grip before my left hand was back on the bar. When I did,
the forks began to oscillate. the more relaxed the grip, the more
movement. At highway speed, it scared the crap out of me. The odd thing
is, when the bars are held in a normal manner, the forks feel as solid
as they ever have. Does anyone have any experience with this phenomenon? Any idea what could be the cause, forks or wheel or
bearing. I've never had problems with the front end on a bike so I've
nothing to compare it with.

Thanks in advance!


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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
I experienced this few times and the culprit was balancing or the front tire badly scalloped.
I would look at these 2 things before looking at mechanical fault.
Another thing is the bearings on the triple tee. It's a "big" job to put the front end apart, and people don't do anything unless they don't have any choice.
When I bought my K100, I found that the steering was stiff. The grease on the bearing was 20 years old and had turned into kind of sticky varnish. The quick fix was to spray WD40 but eventually I removed it, cleaned the bearings and put new grease.


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