BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hi, I am an owner of an '89 K100RS Special Edition in U.S. racing colors (white with blue). I'm the original owner, it was 1990 and my local dealer couldn't move it and was discounting it heavily. Its my third BMW, had two R100RSs (an '83 and an '85) before it. My first bike was a '77 Kawasaki KZ650 that I bought right out of college. In '78 I was stationed in Germany (was in the Army), didn't take the Kawasaki with me and found a used '79 Honda CBX that I rode until I left (1983). In Germany I met and rode with a bunch of Germans who all rode BMWs except for one guy who rode a naked Gold Wing. My CBX was faster (in a straight line) than the R90s and R100s my buddies were riding, but it didn't handle well and I wasn't a very good rider at the time, and so these guys always pretty much left me in the dust (they were all very good). But I fell in love with BMWs and so when I got back to the states, I bought my first R100RS.

I keep on wanting to replace my K100 with a newer bike, but the darn thing just keeps on running so well that I just haven't done it yet. I want to do some upgrades to it though, braking/handling, etc., which is why I found this forum. 

So hello to all here!

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Welcome!  Sounds like you have a K100RS Special Edition.  That is a beautiful bike, and excepting the K1 probably the only K that will achieve collectible status.

Hoping you can figure out how to post some photos of it.

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