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Hi I am currently making my bike in original disguise as an '84 RS and all the plastics that came with the bike are going on Ebay later, if anyone wants anything I can sort a price out for forum members. The list is all I have and some of the parts are slightly broken as indicated such as the side panels, the middle clip ring has snapped off, but these are priced accordingly. I've got pictures of everything on request. Whatever I earn from these is going to get the rest sprayed up.  Email back or call me on 07703181888 if you are interested. Thanks.

Panniers    £100
Tank with dent    £50-£70                              
Rear Fairing with Taillight and Flashers     £40
Sanded Side Fairing    £25
Red Side Fairing      £25
Red Rad Cover   piece missing     £25 good
Black Rad Cover   piece missing     £25 good
White Side Panels broken     £20
Black side panels broken      £20
3 x Horns   £10 each
Fairing Top no Screen LT badge Headlight and frame F £19 HL £15 Fair £80 Inc
3 x Fairing Plastics     £50 for 3
Square Headlight     £15
Odd Plastics £20
Fairing Sidebags    £40 with lid £10 for odd ones
Switch Console £5
Dashboard support with fuel gauge   £60
BMW Radio with Fascia Panel   £150
Pair of Mirrors     £100
Seat   £135 Mint Cond
Round Headlight     £30

Pannier Bars    £25


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