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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
I have two of these, in the box, brand spankin':

Prog Susp 465 Series Shock K75/K100 Monolever Prog_s10

They fit Monolever, not Paralever, are standard length, not for short arses, and retail for $495 US skins. I would only want to post within North America due to convenience factors. Forum members only, $350 plus postage. Part number 465-1101B. This is not the more basic, less adjustable 412 Series. PM me if interested. I can drag one or two home with me in October for me Down Under mates.

Here's the commercial sproik:
The Progressive Suspension Series 465 utilise a large 46mm bore and deflective disc piston for precise damping. The beefy 16mm hard chrome shaft rides on custom Viton® seals for low friction and leak-free life. The 465 is custom tuned for each application and completely optimised for each bike, from the damping and spring rate all the way down to the jounce bumper. Suspension tuning can dramatically improve the ride quality, handling and comfort of your motorcycle and the more tools available to work with, the better the results. With that in mind, Progressive® Suspension has added a hydraulic ride height adjuster to their 465 Series line of high-performance monoshocks. The 46mm bore shock is also packed with features like deflective disc damping, threaded body and a five-position rebound adjuster. Setting it up to perfectly match your early Mighty K, weight and riding style is now a few clicks away.


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