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Good evening all,

Well, I'm slightly embarassed to admit this, but the bike noted above has me really stumped.

I purchased this low KMs beast from a South African hipster wannabe in Bondi, but unfortunately he had already chopped the wiring loom off around the headstock and spliced in aftermarket cafe racer crap from eBay, in a weak attempt to stand out from the crowd, by looking exactly like everyone else. (Clearly a trend setter).

I should probably note that all the aftermarket crap was working, and the bike was a runner.

Anyway, parking the vitriol for the moment, I purchased a secondhand loom with the same specifications as my bike from a seller in Germany, and proceeded to carefully splice in the missing front section. 

I've checked continuity on each of the spices, and used an identical, running police bike as a point of reference for each change I made, however there are some issues.

1) The following items work when the key is turned to the run position: Fuel pump, all indicators, all dash lights, ABS startup pattern, ABS switch (which cancels the pattern), Hazard switch, horns, brake lights, marker lights, map light, temperature gauge and fuel gauge.

2) What doesn't work is the gear position indicator, or the start button (when depressed the engine doesn't turn over).

3) I noticed that when I pulled the clutch in, without the engine running (as it won't turn over at the moment), the dash lights dimmed very slightly, and got brighter again when I pulled the handlebar brake lever in.

I'm really at a loss regarding what's causing #2, as this was a running bike, and the wiring harness that has been spliced in is identical to the wiring on the bike, so your collective wisdom would be sincerely appreciated.

Cheers, Alex.



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Does the start button work with the clutch pulled in? It should.

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I haven't actually tried that yet  but will give it a go tomorrow.


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Lights dimming when you pull in the clutch lever:

A: possibly the movement of the cable is interfering with a connection alongside the cable under the tank or a break in a wire.
b: the clutch switch on the other end under the tank may have the same plug connector as the front brake switch. They do on the 8 valve Ks and the wiring is same colour so its possible to get them mixed up under the tank in which case you might get something funny. You didn't mention neutral light working in the list and also mention gear position indicator not working [same source] so also check that cable connection to the loom. If you have no neutral light then pulling the clutch lever should enable start. Maybe pull front brake when hitting the start button and see what happens.....or check brake light when you pull the clutch lever....

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Good advice mate. I'm heading up there this morning to have another crack at the beast, so I'll report my findings once i'm back from the mix.



duck wrote:Does the start button work with the clutch pulled in? It should.
Yes, the engine turns over with the clutch pulled in. 

Latest news... 

1) Had the bike running very poorly a few minutes ago, but it would only start with the "choke" fully open. 
2) No neutral light or gear position indication
3) Number 1 & 9 fuses blew 
4) Replaced both fuses and now bike turns over, but won't start at all 
5) Electric windscreen not raising or lowering 

Any ideas?


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