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Hi all,

new owner of a K1100LT with EML sidecar.
motor from 1997, sidecar from 1986.

bought it in the Netherlands and now waiting for papers so I can start riding it in Belgium



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Hey, I'll post in english so everyone can understand (i'm also flemish) this but i have a question.
What exactly are the steps you have to take to import a bike from the Netherlands into Belgium? I can't seem to find a straight up answer online.
I'm in the process of buying a k100 in the Netherlands to bring home to Belgium.
Thx in advance

I have now called to the belgian and netherlands customs office.
Both said slightly different things on what to bring or ask for from each other.
Apparently I have to go to the office with the seller, declare the motor sold and we sign both for export. Then they will give us a bunch of paperwork wich I have to take to the customs in Belgium. They will give me some other papers with wich I can apply for a license-plate. Doesn't seem complicated when I write it down like this but I called 4 different offices. The information they gave me combined gave this relative simple outcome. Sad it's that difficult for two neighbouring country's authorities who speak the exact same language to communicate this poorly. The fee they ask for all this paperlifting however is only €0,10.  cheers

I hope someone will benefit from my frustrations Smile

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